Our cave is your learning resource

A visit to Al Hoota Cave is the perfect way to immerse young visitors in the science and wonder of an underground world. Give them firsthand experience of geography, geology and biology at work in the physical world. Use the natural features of the Cave to introduce your students to the following concepts:

  • How caves form
  • The discovery and exploration of Al Hoota Cave
  • How stalagmites, stalactites are formed
  • Preservation of the natural cave environment
  • The water system (hydrology) of the cave
  • Timelines – relating geological epochs to human life and history
  • Zoology – the tiny, blind creatures living in the cave
  • Geology of the area
  • Leisure industry studies – operation of the cave as a visitor attraction

The tour around the cave will last approximately 45 minutes followed by a visit to the geological exhibition which can include presentations tailored to your specific needs.

Tours for school groups and private groups are available with a minimum of 40 people. Tours will be scheduled between 8:00 am – 10:00 am. (except Weekend and official holidays)
The private tours must be reserved at least two weeks in advance.
Prices for group tours will be 1.00 OMR /Person.( School official Letter must be provided upon reservation)

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